The album draws near(ish)

We’ve been very quiet on the blog recently, but that’s because we’ve been busy.

The new album is coming on well. All 11 tracks have been recorded, mixed, remixed, remixed some more and are now being mastered. We’re hopeful the new album will be done early in 2012, meaning it will only have taken a year, or thereabouts. We probably could have done it quicker, but we promise it’ll be good!

In fact, judge for yourself – you can hear some of the recordings on our new ReverbNation page at – let us know what you think.

At the end of October we played a great gig at the Corner House. We tried out quite a few new songs, and here’s a video of ‘Come and Get It’, a song which requires some complicated swapping of vocal parts. See if you can work out who’s singing each bit 🙂


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New album – sneak preview!

Hi all,

So, we’re working on a new album – our first full album, following our debut EP ‘Jacqui and Geoff’, released in December 2009. The working title is currently ‘T-shirts with arrogant slogans’, but this changes on almost a daily basis. Just for you, there’s a sneak preview, unpolished mix below:

The album is a bit different to the EP, as we now have a bassist and drummer to make extra noises for us. As a result it’s a bit rockier in places – we even use one of those ‘electric’ guitars that all the kids are talking about.

This song is called ‘Uh-oh’, and if you’ve heard us live in the last 18 months or so you’ve probably heard it. We always encourage people to dance to it, but it never seems to happen. If you’d like to dance to it, the steps are here:

Hope you enjoy the song. Let us know what you think 🙂

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An introduction to Jacqui and Geoff

Hello! We’re Jacqui and Geoff. We make pleasant sounding folk-inspired pop. Occasionally we rock out a little bit. Thanks for visiting us. If you like our music, could we please point out to you some places where you can find out more:

Bandcamp: Our debut EP from December 2009 is on BandCamp! You can download the first track for free, and buy the whole EP for just £3.50. It’s available for £5 on CD – just email us, or come to one of our gigs.

Facebook: We have a page on Facebook. You can ‘like’ us officially if you go there, which is better than just liking us in your head, because we know about it. Gigs and things usually get posted there first.

Twitter: Jacqui really likes Twitter, so she set up a Twitter account for us. But Geoff’s not that convinced by Twitter so he doesn’t use it much, and Jacqui hasn’t updated it once since she set up the account, because she’s too busy tweeting about cake on her own Twitter feed. To be honest, Geoff would rather we were silent than we tweeted about cake, so it’s probably for the best.

Contact us: If you’d like to be on our mailing list and get very occasional emails about gigs and releases (and maybe the occasional free download) then you can reach us at

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Some things

Some things have been happening. It’s all quite exciting.

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