If you like our music, could we please point out to you some places where you can find out more:

Bandcamp: Our debut EP from December 2009 is on BandCamp! You can download the first track for free, and buy the whole EP for just £3.50. It’s available for £5 on CD – just email us, or come to one of our gigs.

Facebook: We have a page on Facebook. You can ‘like’ us officially if you go there, which is better than just liking us in your head, because we know about it. Gigs and things usually get posted there first.

ReverbNation: As of December 2011, we also have a ReverbNation page. It’s very new, and we’re finding it a bit complicated. But I’m confident that given time it’ll be the best Jacqui and Geoff ReverbNation page that ever was and ever will be.

Twitter: Jacqui really likes Twitter, so she set up a Twitter account for us. But Geoff’s not that convinced by Twitter so he doesn’t use it much, and Jacqui hasn’t updated it once since she set up the account, because she’s too busy tweeting about cake on her own Twitter feed. To be honest, Geoff would rather we were silent than we tweeted about cake, so it’s probably for the best.

Contact us: If you’d like to be on our mailing list and get very occasional emails about gigs and releases (and maybe the occasional free download) then you can reach us at

Oh, and we also have a Myspace account. To be honest, we don’t really log in to that, so it’s probably full of spam. We should probably delete it, like everyone else has.


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