There’s still just about time to grab tickets for this Saturday’s acoustic routes gig…

Acoustic Routes

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March 17, 2016 at 07:27AM

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Excited about our EP launch gig for – This Saturday at CB2 café in Cambridge. Album art sneak preview tomorrow!

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March 14, 2016 at 08:34PM

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EP Launch: Acoustic Routes

We’re excited to be launching our mini-album this Saturday in a gig for Acoustic Routes in Cambridge – at CB2 Basement Café! We’ll be performing the entire EP completely unplugged (with the exception of the bass guitar…) Also playing are a wide range of other fantastic bands: Crooked Tree, SJ Mortimer, Karen Johnson & Tony Clark, Bernard Hoskin and Rhys Wilson.

Ticket sales are going well and there’s a real chance that this might sell out so if you want to join us please visit (and save £1 on each ticket in the process!)

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You can get the moon on a stick for £4.97 (or free!)

We’re excited to announce the release of ‘Moon on a Stick’ – a brand new EP and our first release since 2012’s ‘T-shirts with arrogant slogans’.

Containing 7 tracks, many of which are live favourites, ‘Moon on a Stick’ has already been described as Jacqui and Geoff’s ‘first release since 2012’s T-shirts with arrogant slogans’.

The band will be launching the EP at CB2 Basement Café in Cambridge on Saturday 19 March, where they will play the entire EP unplugged in a very intimate setting. Spaces are limited – so please do book tickets now to avoid disappointment – they’re just £4. Either contact the band ( or order online from Acoustic Routes:

The official launch will be on 18 March, when the EP will be available digitally from all the usual places – iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. – and the CD will be available direct from the band. However, you can get it RIGHT NOW from Bandcamp – It’s available as a ‘pay what you want’ download – including free if you wish.

To celebrate, we’ve also updated our back catalogue on Bandcamp so that you can also pay whatever you want for ‘T-shirts with arrogant slogans’.

Let us know what you think!

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CB2 gig this Saturday 31 May

We’re delighted to be joining the CAN House Band at CB2 this Saturday for an intimate acoustic gig. This is our first gig after a little break during which we’ve been working on the next album and we’re looking forward to playing live and unplugged!

CB2 always has a lovely atmosphere and is a real treat to play, so we would love to see you there. Tickets are £4, available from – doors open at 8pm

Acoustic Routes together with Cambridge Acoustic Nights have brought a new type of evening to CB2. This Session will feature singer/songwriters Bernard Hoskin, John Meed, Dave Streatfield and Rhys Wilson. For the first half they will perform “in the round” taking it in turns to play songs, telling stories and sometimes accompanying each other. The second half will open with a special guest and then close with all four musicians playing as a the CAN House band. You can expect to hear songs by people such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Band, The Beatles, Elton John, Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce and more.
The special guests for tonight will be Jacqui and Geoff

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The rest of Ely Folk Fest…



We had great fun playing at Ely on Sunday. The weather was again
fantastic… we spent much of the day alternating between lounging in
the sun and the shade, and in the marquees. Another chance to see
Ezio; Lucy Ward was tremendous; a great set from Other Roads, and
James Morgan was another local highlight.

We played at the start of the evening in Marquee 2 to one of the most
receptive audiences we’ve ever had. The sound crew made sure we had
the best possible sound quality on stage, which makes a huge
difference to how much we enjoy ourselves. Our set consisted of:
Residential Area, Stalker Song, Victory Wine, Speechless, Come and Get
It, Mind the Snake, From the Start, Uh-oh, Fish to fry, New Year’s
Resolution, Done with you, and Not your paint. Thanks to everyone that
listened, finger-clicked, clapped and waltzed along – and those that
went and bought our CD afterwards 🙂

After the adrenaline had worn off we ended the evening watching Seth
Lakeman in Marquee 1, who did a fantastic job closing the festival.
We’ve all seen him play a couple of times before, but this was far and
away the best performance we’d seen from him and his band.

All in all, we had an amazing weekend. Hoping to book some more
festivals for next year…

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Ely folk festival day 2

Just got back from Ely Folk Festival – fantastic weather. We all got hat and bought hats. Musical highlights included Ezio, Home Service, the Black Jack Blues Band and Karine Polwart (again).

We are now discussing tactics for our set tomorrow. Very excited…

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